2014 Appraisal Management Company Directory

  • 275+ AMCs Listed
  • 100% Updated Jan 22, 2014
  • TOP 57 AMCs that send me 95% of my appraisal orders
  • TOP 10 listed are my BEST clients
  • Guaranteed or FULL REFUND

Published by a full time Real Estate Appraiser for the past 7 years, updated annually.

Are you looking for more appraisal orders or just the BEST AMCs to work with?
I am a full time real estate appraiser and have been compiling my list for
almost 8 years now. I weed out the bad guys and add new ones that I have
had experience with or that other appraisers have recommended to me. If you
need more work, this is the list for you. Don't waste you money on crappy lists.

100% Updated in 2014! Don't Waste your Time and Money filling out endless online applications to companies that don't send work.


275+ VERIFIED Appraisal Management Companies Listed!

We all know working for AMCs are pretty much a pain in the butt, but we all have to do it if we want to stay in business... So why not work for the BEST AMCs out there? Are you making $8,000 - $10,000 per month?

On an average month, even slow the historically slow periods from Thanksgiving to March 1st, I make over $10,000 a month doing estate work and by completing orders for appraisal management companies. I update the list frequently and now I can easily say more than 90% of my AMC work comes from the top 40 vendors. They also offer the most competitive rates and turn around times.

This book lays out all the details on how to get signed up with the appraisal management companies and information on creating top ranking websites. Order the book today and you will receive a free search engine optimized website built by internet marketing specialists. All the details are in the AMC Directory.


Chapters Include:
- Maximize orders with Appraisal Management Companies
- The AMC Application Process
- Make more $$$ with an Appraisal Management Company
- Links to online applications and emails
- List of Common Errors to Avoid
- Vendor Specific AMC Requirements
- Ordered by which companies that SEND ORDERS!
Bonus Chapters Included:
- Recession Proof Your Appraisal Business for the future
- Appraisal Company Marketing and how to maximize income
- Top Revenue Generating Techniques for 2014
- Maximizing Internet Orders through a top ranking website
- FHA Checklist and common errors to avoid

95% of my work come from the first 57 on my list! - Get Started Today!

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Free Appraisal Management Companies List

We have also included a list below of over 100 appraisal management companies (AMC's) with links to their websites. We do not recommend or endorse any of these companies and at this time we have not utilized any of these AMC's. It is provided to be helpful to appraisers that want appraisal assignments from management companies. They are listed in alphabetical order.

To obtain a more extensive list that may be more helpful Click Here.

48 Hour Automated Appraisal Management Company

ABC Appraisal Management Company, PLLC

ACT Appraisal

Action Appraisal Management, Inc.

Alexander McCabe Appraisal Management Company

Allstate Appraisal, L.P.

ALS Appraisal Management Company

America's InfoMart, Inc.

AMC Links

AMC Settlement Services


Action 1 Appraisals

Appraisal Compliance Management, Inc.

Appraisal Logistic Solutions

Appraisal Management One

Appraisal Management Resources, LLC

Appraisal Management Services of America, Inc.

Appraisal Management Services, LLC

Appraisal MC

Appraisal Ordering Systems

Appraisal Pro

Appraisal Quick

Appraise Now, Inc.

AREA Appraisal Management Company

Broad Street Valuations

C&D Real Estate Appraisal & Review


Clarity Appraisal Management, Inc.

CMS Property Services, Inc.

Coast to Coast Appraisal Group

Coester Appraisal Group

Collateral Management

Consolidated Analytics

Cross Country Appraisal Management Inc

Dart Appraisal



Elite Appraisal Management, Inc.


Equifax Settlement Services

Equity Development Systems, LTD

Equity National

eValuation ZONE, Inc.


Fidelity AppraisalsĀ 

Financial Asset Services, Inc.

Financial Dimensions, Inc


First American eAppraiseIT

First Choice Appraisal Management

First Title

Five Brothers


Focus Valuation Advisors (Commercial Appraisers Only)

GOT Appraisals

Guaranteed Appraisal Management Co.

Home Base Appraisal Management, LC

Independent Settlement Services, LLC

InHouse Solutions

Innovative Appraisal Network LLC


International Valuation Group


Jeder Valuation Consultants Inc.

JVI Solutions, LLC

Kirchmeyer & Associates, Inc.

K&M Appraisal ManagementĀ 

KStreet Appraisal

Landmark Loan Services, LLC

Landmarx Solutions, LLC


Lenders Aid

Lender Transaction

Liberty National Appraisals, LLC

Lincoln Appraisal & Settlement Services


MC Valuation

Mid-Atlantic Appraisal Management

Momentum Appraisal Group

Mortgage Information Services, Inc.

National Appraisal Management Center

National Real Estate Information Services

Nations Lending Services

Nations Valuation Services, Inc

Nationwide Valuation Solutions

Nationwide Appraisal Network

Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services

Niemi Appraisal Placement Co, Inc.

Norman, Hubbard and Associates, Inc.

Old Republic Title Residential Information ServicesĀ 

Order Pro USA

Paramount Appraisal Management, LLC

Pendo Management Group

PCV Murcor

Prime Valuation Services, LLC

Property Rate Nationwide Appraisal Services

Property Sciences

PMH Financial

RELS Valuation

Samco Appraisal Management Company, LLC

Select Business Services

Service 1st Valuation and Settlement Services, Inc.


Settlement One


Springhouse Appraisal & Review Services


Stein Valuation (Commercial Appraisers Only)

StreetLinks Lender Solutions

Synergy Appraisal Services

The Appraisal Hub

Title Source

Transcontinental Valuations


United Appraisal Valuations & Asset Management Corp.

US Appraisal Group

US Real Estate Services

Validata Lender Services


Valuation Management Group

Valuation Partners

Valuation Support Services


Value Trend Solutions

Vanguard Appraisal Management

Veritas Lending Solutions

WCCI Nationwide Appraisal Services

To obtain a more extensive list that may be more helpful Click Here.